14 August 2013

Travel Talk

I've decided to start a new series on the blog. When I studied abroad, there were a couple of weekends where I literally just hopped on to a bus and went to a random destination we had decided on just a few hours before. We had no guide, no advice, and no clue about anything we were doing. While I definitely recommend doing that (it's so much fun, trust me), we also probably would have saved quite a bit of time if we had at least a small idea of what to expect when we got off the bus on the other side.

Which brings me to Travel Talk.

Essentially, these will serve as very basic guides for different cities around Spain and the world. I will try to include different sights, hotels/hostel recommendations, restaurants, and just general tips for each location covered. The best part is that I can't do this alone: while I've traveled a bit, I definitely have not done every city possible. So I will be getting help. At the moment, said help includes my two best friends from college but anyone who wants to contribute, just contact me (links are on the left!) and we can arrange something to feature you on the blog :)

The first Travel Talk is coming soon and will feature a city near and dear to my heart: Sevilla, Spain.

Happy travels!

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